WC19 Compliant Wheelchair HARRIS MEDICAL, LLC

RH3500 EZ Transport Chair is the new “unique” multipurpose stretcher/exam table/chair for your medical transport and mobility requirements.

Understandably, facilities would prefer to use their own transport vehicles rather than an outside transport vendor whenever possible. But, until now, this has not always been possible. The RH3500 EZ Transport Chair utilizes a NO LIFT system that solves most of these TRANSPORT ISSUES.


Features / Benefits

  • NO LIFT Resident Transfer – bed/transport/exam/bed
  • FDA cleared for sale in The United States
  • Meets all of the performance criteria for wheelchair dynamic strength as specified in 5.3.2 of RESNA, WC-4:2012 Section 19, including crash testing for regulation updates of 2015
  • The RH3500 converts from chair to stretcher, then elevates to same height as resident bed for NO LIFT lateral transfer
  • The RH3500 converts from chair to exam table for doctor office exams allowing for exam table height up to 36″ (standard exam table fixed at 30″)
  • The RH3500 allows for comfortable articulating seat/chair for dialysis, etc.
  • No back injuries from lifting resident
  • No skin tears
  • No need to use facility lift
  • No fear for resident
  • No resident returning to facility unable to be seen because there is no “system” in place to transfer resident from chair to exam table


The use of the RH3500 will result in a much more efficient use of facility transport van eliminating the need to pay for the use of an outside transport vendor and expense of sending a CNA with resident to assist

At HARRIS MEDICAL, LLC, our goal is to help our clients achieve the best quality of life possible.
This product has been tested and approved by HARRIS MEDICAL, LLC and its associates.

For ordering and questions about the EZ Transport Chair, call the number listed below.